Hurrah! Here we are by Grillo

Hello mates, and welcome to our first post on ‘The Grind’. There is only one requirement from you drunken lot, and that is to keep things hot, hard and of course, heavy! Slagging off is the name of the game.

Let’s start with that horrible toad Mario, and his Young Dreamers. My ass….He should change his team name to Pensioners With Palsy! I’ve seen younger ninety year olds!

On with the Red Diamonds and muscled Joseph..he has muscles all over, except his brain. No wonder he can’t win the league…err…better stop.

Pants is next. Pants is crazy. Pants can’t count beyond three…and his games either represent Viagra or Valium. You either shoot off or puke up. Take your pick.

Raphael…Jeez what can you say about this guy that hasn’t been said before? This guy’s team sucks big-time. If they were my players I’d put them on the rack..but the only rack Raphael knows is the one that is full of ribs and has a barbecue flavour, to go with his beer…Ah well..that’ll do to drown his sorrows.

Babers…hmm…at least we don’t have his Purple Helmets on show in our league. Wouldn’t ‘alf like to kick ‘im in the nuts. Bugger always beats me up. Will I ever win against the Bombers. ‘Fraid not. ‘Nuff said. Wanker!

Maurizio is the serious guy. Pity his team is CRAP… he needs a boost. Go on Ian boost him up his arse. Maybe the little dweeb will realise it’s just a game…or is it? This guy needs some weed man!

Well, I’m last in the list…most probably coz’ I’m always near the bottom end of the league! But I can’t slag off myself can I? Reach out and torch someone I always say. Where’s my flamethrower. FECK!

Sse you soon on The GRIND!


3 Responses to “Hurrah! Here we are by Grillo”


    Being that I am a serious cry-baby manager I would like to ask for a more colorful ‘Juventistic’ logo with more Black and White colors used !!!

    This is an honor for my boys…C R A P

    C = Cunning
    R = Reliable
    A = Aggressive
    P = Powerful

    Thanks for your nice comments….my boys will do their utmost to keep on crapping!

  2. Okay , you little wuss….I’ll change your colours! Seriously hope you make an impact on the league! With your bottom! Hahaaaaaaa.


  3. YoungDreamers Says:


    Here is the fourth team in the VIP – YoUnG DrEaMeRs!!!!
    If we’re not young by age, we’re young at hearth…
    Preparing for the next season….


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