First pre-season friendlies.

So now that the re-grading has been done, we have the first results of the initial pre-season matches.

And let’s see how things went…

Metalheads Unite – Your pants on Fire 1-0

Red Diamonds – Young Dreamers 0-1

Baber’s Bombers – Matercazzi 1-1

It was business as usual for Metalheads against Pants, who nearly always end up on the losing end. It is now 4 wins and 4 draws for the Rockers. I cannot see the Metal guys excelling in this league though again. Elsewhere Young Dreamers also defeated the Diamonds easily despite scoring only one goal. Manager Joseph Gauci admitted that he always struggles against a vastly inferior side like the Dreamers. Hmm..The Grind reporters kindly pointed out to him that Mario Zahra is a star coach and miles better than he is! Newcomer manager Reuben Barbara had a dream start against Baber’s, obtaining a morale-boosting draw. Maybe the Bombers were testing new strategies, but coming away with a draw against the runners up is very creditable.

Come you other ‘orrible lot..get some practice in.

See you soon…


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