Season 3 is nigh!

So, the new season is upon us and the FA has decided to split the league into two divisions, with four horrible slackers from the premier demoted to the nitty-gritty grime-ridden muck of Division1. The Crunchers have been joined by Juvecentus , Metalheads and the Gavazzi Rejects Dummies, together with new boys Matercazzi and United Reloaded for a new shortish season, as well as the ever exciting Egg Cup, where the top four cup teams have already been given a bye into the quarters…easy I say.

Despite what seemed as a tirade against the FA, Metalheads manager El Grillo is secretly pleased to finally be able to say that his team can win more than two games in a row! That is, if he can stop drinking beer long enough to think straight! Juvecentus leader Maurizio Agius, breathed a sigh of relief as he can at most lose only ten matches in this season’s fixtures, while Matercazzi director was also relieved to not meet the mighty Wonka in his virgin season. Unfortunately the Crunchers manager was not available for comment, since he managed to sleep through the whole procedure.

Up in the lofty heights of glitter and gold that is the Premier League, it will be a spectacular tussle in the fight to the title as Diamonds, Bombers and BSM struggle to dethrone the ever-winning Real. So , only four teams? Despite Mario Zahra being my choice for manager of the year for last season, and Alexander Micallef improving his Pants, I cannot see them challenge the big boys. Relegation is staring them in the face even before the matches start. I can see that the Dreamers will not surprise many people this year…while the Pants are just at the culling edge.

So on to my predictions…

Cue Drum Roll……

Premier Winners – Real Wonka

Relegated – Young Dreamers & Pants on Fire

First Division Winners – Metalheads Unite

Promoted – Juvecentus

God Bless…hic


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