Metalheads Protest against FA

This morning Metalheads directors woke up to find a fine of 1.5 million hard-earned econs inflicted upon them by the FA. The crime? Allegedly hounding the referee for twelve minutes in a match which was won 4-0 in a rather easy fashion, and could have ended with an 8-0 nil drubbing.

“We are amazed that the FA could inflict such a heavy punishment on our club. There is absolutely no doubt that the officials were probably watching a rugby match, but surely not our game. There were only two minutes of injury time anyway. ”

Asked about his opinion, manager Grillo replied thus.

“Sure, Fishlock was sent off, but only after two yellow cards, and which he accepted gracefully, shaking the ref by the hand before leaving the pitch, apologising for the mistimed tackle that earned him his marching orders. We will protest this fine of course, as it has now cut us off treaties for an important player to the club…. one that would have made a difference. The FA are 100% wrong this time, and such behaviour should be investigated.”

Talk then turned to the ‘heads position in the standings.

“Yes we are in second place, but I don’t really like this small league. Stifles the competition too much, but that’s just me…and of course most of the other managers as well,especially the top group. Promotion? I hope we win the league, but I repeat, amalgamation is the name of the game. A petition will be held and a serious discussion will be planned”

With that, Grillo climbed into his trusty Skoda and zipped away…


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