Red Diamonds – “Another draw!”

The Red Diamonds board of directors are concerned over the recent form of the squad after their 5th concecutive draw in the league! it seem that the team can’t find the winning attitude under manager jojogauci. following these results the board has given jojogauci a vote of confidence, however if results are not achieved with imminent relegation looming, there will be no other option but to give their manager the pay-off!

(Image Archive: In happier times with Director Nunu Gomes after signing the contract.)

In his reply manager jojogauci said that he cannot understand why such poor results are being achieved after investing heavily over 16Million and showing good performances overall. He continued saying that lack of luck and wrong refereeing is the cause of denying his team a win as the potential is largely there.

In today’s game against the Babers, an invented penalty was awarded in the 85th minute to give the away team the draw they needed to take two points away from the better home side.

Rumours are rife that jojogauci has warned his players he will not tolerate any more draw results, otherwise severe actions will be taken including tranfer listing of players and cuting of wages.

Rumours are also being heard that if the Red Diamonds don’t win the Cup this season, jojogauci can surely say good bye to his team and search for a new job. Next week the the Red Diamonds are facing Young Dreamers, who rather surprisingly eliminated the favourites Wonka! The dreamers are ginving their utmost in the cup, so it will be a tough challange for the diamonds to raise their weapons and win their first battle.

jojogauci refused to comment at the end regarding these rumours.

See you next week.


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