The Grind interviews EWEE!

In what is a first for the Grind, the managers of SCYSF are being interviewed, with the aim of getting to know the managers that week in week out are slogging away (ahem) to bring their team to the ultimate glittering prize. The coveted SCYSF trophy. This week we start with Ewee, founder and FA President of So close yet so far. Ian this year is close to the mighty Real Wonka with three rounds already played in the league, and perhaps, Malta’s only hope this season. So … on with the show!

1. First up Ewee…welcome to the first SCYSF interview.

Thanks “nice to be here, to be here …. …. nice !”

2. How did this idea of setting up SCYSF come about?

Well a footy-mad friend of mine Gilbert introduced me to X11.  After playing in a private league for 4 months and an X11 league for 2 months, I thought about setting-up my own private league to have a bit of fun and keep regular contact with mates in UK.  Then I thought to add some new mates / colleagues to make sort of a ‘before & after situation’ of the ‘big move’ in my life.

3. Did you have a quick response from the guys invited?

Yes mostly pretty quick, the keenest ones are the ones still playing, although my best mate didn’t read his email for about 2months so didn’t get in and he seems to be pretty busy with his own firm and little sprog.  Although keeping the boyz from UK interested has been tricky, they are mostly in a similar situation married with a kid or one on the way, so like me time is at a premium minimum!

4. What about involvement from the managers? I see that there are a good number of VIPs in this league, and a healthy press.Do you feel that there is a good vibe going on?

I think the vibe is good, the press active enough (some leagues I am in have silly numbers of press like 50 a day) I think we are at a healthy peak now. Like I mentioned before keeping people interested is the most difficult part, I was trying for 2 games a week, but as cup feedback was high, I had to compromise there.

5. How much time do you dedicate each week to the maintenance of SCYSF?

I try to check 5 mins each day, but it doesn’t always happen, then maybe a good 1 hour at weekend.  Its difficult to put a time on it as I have 4 other teams, some play once, twice or even three times a week in the VIP league when still active in the cup !  So I probably spend 3-4hours a week on X11.  I’m not quite sure where I found the time, mostly like now at around 1-3am.  I am not the quickest on the keyboard and I do like to make sure my words have covered everything I want to say, so for example this interview took me approx. 2.5 hours to think & prepare my answers !

6. Let’s turn to your squad now, the Bombers. What are your aims for this season? Any hopes of upsetting the Wonka’s applecart? Looking to retain the cup too?

I would love to of course upset the Wonka, but it is a difficult task when he seems to get so much luck with the team skill originally from day1, the youth players that come through and even when he has to dip into the transfer market.  I haven’t even caught-up with his season 1 team yet, let alone the season 3 team!  I have a awkward draw in cup against the promising Matercazzi, but if he’s been watching the stropy wops play last week then could be a push-over !

7. Have you settled on a single formation, in which you have a high understanding of the way your team plays? Or would you rather change the game according to the opponents?

Generally 4-4-2, but I do often go for 4-3-3, I prefer to work around the injuries / suspensions rather than use a man out-of-position.  With regard to opponents no I don’t change formation for playing different teams, but the tactics yes of course. The extra stats being VIP usually give a good helping hand.  I was hoping to try 3-5-2 these coming weeks, but this midfield purchase has been a big let-down for me !

8. The transfer market. What are your comments? There have been rumours of your malcontent somwhere.

Trouble is I don’t learn, I don’t like to waste 1/4mil on player checks as often budget is tight and needed for the bid.  So when I bid for what I think is gonna make my midfield the best and he should be an early twenties so-called 8skill, tough & quick for 7mil and he turns out to be 6skill injury prone handbag man.  Truthfully he only lasted ‘a whole’ 45mins in his first match, playing against Diamonds and he managed a whopping 4skill level !!!!  I get a bit dis-heartened from this to be honest !  It will probably take me another 10 weeks or so to be able to afford someone decent again, by then Wonka has one another title !

9. Back to the SCYSF re-distribution? Are you still happy you decided to split the league into two divisions? And would you consider listening to a majority rule of re-integration?

In the Grind’s opinion, 6 teams is too little for a league.(Maybe most of the guys who voted YES, did not know what re-disatribution meant). Oddly enough, the teams in the top division seem the most grumpy.
Always difficult to keep everyone happy and at some point a decision has to be made. I have seen other forum threads go-on for weeks & weeks about the league structure and having too long ‘down time’ between seasons.  Now season 3 is in progress I would probably agree with you on the 6 teams is too little, but you understand why I didn’t do 12 teams and a cup as that leads to many people with 1 game a week for too many months and that seems to be when I am losing the people especially from UK. ie. There’s NOT a regular need to logon and so a week goes by they forget and then another week goes by and then you’ve lost um !  If a re-integration is preferred next season then it will probably happen, but I will put my foot down and say NO Cup in-that-case & therefore play 2 league games a week, because a 22week season is too long in X11 !

10. I agree with you on that point Ewee. Now a couple of easy questions…favourite opponents? and your nightmare team?

Favourites gotta be Banbury Stud Muffin [BSM] especially at home. W6D1L1
Nightmare..hmm.. I think Red Diamonds not because of whoppings or defeats or anything else, but quite simply our matches seem to have 1-1 written all over them before we even stepped on to the turf !!!  W2D4L1 is the record.

11. Thank you Ewee for this interview. Any messages for the X11 fans and managers?

Well from me ‘that’s all folks’ just enjoy it, take it with a pinch of salt & a squeeze of lemon and as the Godfather of Music el-Grillo says ROCK-ON !



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