Alexander interviewed! The Pants are on fire!

Hello and welcome to the second SCYSF interview. This week we interview Alexander, manager of the funnily named ‘Your Pants On Fire’
 1. Straight to the point and an embarassing (for you) question. Vile rumours that you are actually Colombian drug lord El Escobar. What is your answer to these accusations?

Such rumours do not have any solid basis but are only there to put dirt on myself and my team. Up till now there is no proof to back up these accusations. Some people are just afraid of young promising managers that may give them a hard time in this league.

2. The photo in our archive is quite indicative of your real identity. (See below)

With the modern advances of technology, photos are easily edited with all these photo wizards running loose. These provide no solid proof for the accusations.

3. Now to your Pants. Where the hell did you find that name?

I was in a “creative” mood, or more accurately I wrote down the first thing that came into my mind that wasnt boring and would not result in a ban. The name came from an online game I was playing some time ago where this was some kind of item which i dont remember exactly but the name stuck in my mind.

4. Are you still convinced it is not a silly name?

No not at all. There are more crazy names out there than the flamey pants. With some distorted lateral thinking its kind of cool.

5. This season so far. We cannot see the Pants challenging the Wonka or the Bombers, but do you think a Bronze medal placing is within your grasp?

Never say never! The wonka is still within reach. I am not about to give up hope yet, to rise in the tompmost places of the league especially after examining the performance up till now of other teams with more talented players, which still havent kicked in. My players are determined and with our only focus being the league, now is the time to try and take advantage.

6. Do you think you deserved the cup defeat against newcomers Matercazzi? Only out by the odd goal right?

Deserved?… not at all. My players showed excellent teamwork, with most players playing above their skill in both games resulting in a win at home and a defeat away. During the home game many occasions were wasted while the only two attacks of the newcomers hit the back of the net which was quite unfortunate.

7. And what about the strength of the two new teams in the league, taking the 2nd division by storm?

The new teams are too strong for just beginners. They have high skill players which unfortunately my team can’t even dream of. They were also blessed with very talented youths which have quite a promising future while most of the veterans are only presented with low skilled ones. Life is just unfair.

8. Now on to the transfer market. Any new signings in the pipeline?

There are no plans for new players unless some good player is discovered in my juniors. The team funds are very limited unfortunately.

9. And what about the players already purchased? Have the agents been honest? That is, have the players lived up to your expectations?

Most of the new players that were bought to strengthen the team are performing their purpose although in some cases the price paid is not a representative of the players actual skill. At least I can say that I havent been fooled by the agents. They were quite honest in their sales.

10. Back to the league. Your next match is against the Bombers, and a defeat against them will push you back into mediocrity. What is your perception for this match?

Its a difficult step for my players but not impossible. Babers has good players with high skill and is always competing against the top for the elusive top position of the league. However my players are young and quite able to handle pressure well. We will review our tactics and do our best. We will see the outcome after the match.

11. Favourite teams to play? And your nightmares?

For me a favorite team is one that i can give a good beating during each game. Well unfortunatley there are none of them in the league. Concerning nightmares, well in addition to the obvious Wonka’s which are the two times champions, there are also the Dreamers with only one win in six games. (come on only 1/6 ).

12. Finally, thank you Escobar for this interview. Any comments for the fans of THE GRIND?

I think everything was covered during the interview so there are no additional comments to be made. Thanks for the interview. Well good luck to all teams in the league. I hope i kick your butt !!!




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