Saint Metalhead!!


This morning shocking photos revealed that Metalheads Manager El Grillo was actually a priest in his hometown of Tarxien back in 1985. This news caught his players by surprise as they cannot imagine how their ‘Rock-Crazy’ Gaffer was actually a spiritual leader in the old ‘hippy’ days. After the publication of the photos, El Grillo had to admit that back as a teenager he was pushed to become a priest by his family, a decision which he always cherished with love. A fellow priest close to his family Dun Grejbel said that at those times Father Grill was an exemplar pastor and was sad when he heard the news that he was leaving the priesthood in search of other adventures!! El Grillo eventually had to drop his vows after meeting what today is known as his wife El Grilla during a private spiritual healing session!! Questioned what was this healing session about El Grillo answered with a smile “She just got the hell out of me!” He continued to say that after their first session he could not resist her anymore and had to therefore leave his hard fought vocation behind. Soon after they married he discovered the passion for balls, and decided to get the coaching badges and start a career in the game of football. The rest is history!


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