Jojo publish another false allegation…now against the dreamers!

Just two days before, the do or die between the Dreamers and the Diamonds quarter final cup match, Jojo Gauci has decided to publish another false allegation.

Dreamers top management argue that the recent deal with the diamonds was upon the sum agreed between the two clubs. Following that the player had only a skill of 5, Dreamers manager has only offered a reasonable amount upon which Jojo agreed with.

It was only after the deal was set that Diamonds manager released that he will only gather half the amount offered by the Dreamers, following that some of the money were given to the player, as the rules stated by the FA.


After the Dreamers heard from internal sources that some other players from the diamonds club wished to join also the dreamers, Terry was pointed out as the next possible negotiation between the two clubs. Management, on Friday has just talked to Jojo upon their wish as from his side set the some of 1,100,000 econ as an offer. The diamonds had only evaluated the offer and by Saturday they presented the offer to the club. Strangely enough, Jojo rejected the offer and said that the player was not for sale.


Young dreamers club cannot understand all these allegations (known by Jojo as “tfih ta tajn”) between the two clubs, following good relationship among the club management.


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