O U T R A G E O U S !

‘If this ain’t war, I don’t know what is…this is simply unacceptable.’ Grillo made his point clear as he sped away with new flame Joanna, of Page4 fame. ‘If Jojo ain’t any good, he should simply step down. Looking at his results I can understand the Reds concerns…but then everybody knows Jojo is simply crap. Easy to see really. Just kick his arse off the squad.’


One Response to “O U T R A G E O U S !”

  1. Paul Camilleri jew Paul Smith ?
    As there is no photographic evidence of the player Paul Camilleri, we cannot take this accusation seriously. The new assistant coach at the Diamonds has obviously hung-up his boots a few seasons back, with those silver flecks in his hair.
    He must be at least 35 mhux 25 !
    And Camilleri thats way too common around here, you try checking in a hotel and say Mr & Mrs Camilleri, the receptionist sniggers behind her blonde locks “yeh right, course you are !”.

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