El Grillo in bad shape.Will not lead ‘Heads!

In a press conference held this morning at Mater Dejn Hospital, it has been announced that Metaheads guru El Grillo will not be leading his squad in this most important run-up to the league and cup semi-final return.

“Mr.Grillo is suffering badly from severe pain in his back, brought about most probably by stress and fatigue. He will return to the Rock Arena on Monday 7th of July, after spending two days in preventive rest in hospital. Unfortunately for Mr.Grillo this means he will not be able to indulge in his favourite pastime and nocturnal occupation. Whether this decision will mean damage to his eyesight remains to be seen, although that is probably why he wears specs in the first place. The squad has been left in the hands of Mr.Bean.”

Mr.Bean has been overheard saying ‘If that flump-wuff JoJo or even Blabington or Smoky Escobar can manage a team, I can certainly win matches. I will have the team in my hands for two games… wooohoooo…if I can only convince Teddy (Bean not Hairyngham)to play as forward…hmm.”

(Image archive : The Multiplication – Mr.Bean making his way up to the bored-room in the underground car-park of The Rock Arena.)

We wish El Grillo all the best wishes.


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