Red Diamonds appoint Paul Camilleri as Assistant Coach

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Photo arcieve: Manager Jojogauci with Paul Camilleri after presentation to the press

Red Diamons have made an official statement that with immediate affect Paul Camilleri will be helping manager Joseph Gauci as Assistant Coach. This appointment was made after the club lost to the Dreamers in the cup. Manager Jojogauci welcomed Paul to his managing team, and is looking forward to work together to put back the club where it belongs…challenging in all fronts! Paul Camilleri’s past as a coach is yet unknown, but rumours are saying that he was the head coach of a women’s team in bangladesh!

New era for the Diamonds?


Jojogauci offers resignation – Rejected by board!

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Diamonds manager jojogauci offered his resignation to the board of directors following their humilation defeat at home in the Cup against their eternal rivals Young Dreamers. The board have not yet accepted the resignation, stating that its useless changing the manager during mid-season. The club will let jojogauci in the post until end of season, hoping to avoid relegation, which seems to be the club’s only target this season. The fans were furious after the match, where they attacked the coach after it got out from the ground.

Teddy Sheringham to decide future in a few weeks!

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Red Diamonds Veteran Ace Teddy Sheringham said that he will consider his future at the club after the next few games, adding to the speculation that the Young Dreamers are ready to sign the player to boost their attacking options for a mere 1.1 million Econs. In the meantime Diamonds manager jojogauci said “Screw Y.Dreamers! I’ll rather bench and let Sheringham rot than selling him to them!” Such comments infuriated Teddy, while Mario Zahra said “Our situation is at a halt, the player has already expressed his desire to join the dreamers, but admitted that first they have to agree with the Red Diamonds. The transfer saga is set to continue after both teams meet for the cup second leg tomorrow, followed by two league clashes in a few days.

Jojo publish another false allegation…now against the dreamers!

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Just two days before, the do or die between the Dreamers and the Diamonds quarter final cup match, Jojo Gauci has decided to publish another false allegation.

Dreamers top management argue that the recent deal with the diamonds was upon the sum agreed between the two clubs. Following that the player had only a skill of 5, Dreamers manager has only offered a reasonable amount upon which Jojo agreed with.

It was only after the deal was set that Diamonds manager released that he will only gather half the amount offered by the Dreamers, following that some of the money were given to the player, as the rules stated by the FA.


After the Dreamers heard from internal sources that some other players from the diamonds club wished to join also the dreamers, Terry was pointed out as the next possible negotiation between the two clubs. Management, on Friday has just talked to Jojo upon their wish as from his side set the some of 1,100,000 econ as an offer. The diamonds had only evaluated the offer and by Saturday they presented the offer to the club. Strangely enough, Jojo rejected the offer and said that the player was not for sale.


Young dreamers club cannot understand all these allegations (known by Jojo as “tfih ta tajn”) between the two clubs, following good relationship among the club management.

Dreamer manager Mario Zahra corrupting Diamond’s Veteran Ace Teddy Sheringham to join his Club!!

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Young Dreamers manager Mario Zahra is said to have corrupted Red Diamonds veteran striker Teddy Sheringham to join his club without contacting the club! The Red Diamonds directors are furious with the dreamers and are filing a report to the FA to investigate. In the meantime Red Diamonds said that the player is “Not for sale at any price” and such intimidation by the dreamers to lure Sheringham away from Swarovski Tavern is useless. In another statement Red Diamonds stated that no more deals will be done with the young dreamers, especially after they signed Clint Demicoli with a mere 350K econs against the will of manager jojogauci.

Flash news!!

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Despite all allegations recently cropped up by the Red Diamonds Manager on both Pants and Metalhead team Manager, today sources from the Diamonds club leaked two photos that shocked all supporters. Red Diamonds manager, known as Jojo, in the last 5yrs worked with both Pants and Metalhead team managers. Sources also informed us that these allegations came up when his team is not doing as expected in the championship and is in risk of relegation. Infact some of the supporters wrote to the club that Jojo should resign immediately from the team. They are arguing that the coach is only focused on false allegations rather then convincing his team to win.Also from recent transfers, was known that most of the players would like to join other clubs, following one of there colleagues which have joined the Dreamers.

Saint Metalhead!!

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This morning shocking photos revealed that Metalheads Manager El Grillo was actually a priest in his hometown of Tarxien back in 1985. This news caught his players by surprise as they cannot imagine how their ‘Rock-Crazy’ Gaffer was actually a spiritual leader in the old ‘hippy’ days. After the publication of the photos, El Grillo had to admit that back as a teenager he was pushed to become a priest by his family, a decision which he always cherished with love. A fellow priest close to his family Dun Grejbel said that at those times Father Grill was an exemplar pastor and was sad when he heard the news that he was leaving the priesthood in search of other adventures!! El Grillo eventually had to drop his vows after meeting what today is known as his wife El Grilla during a private spiritual healing session!! Questioned what was this healing session about El Grillo answered with a smile “She just got the hell out of me!” He continued to say that after their first session he could not resist her anymore and had to therefore leave his hard fought vocation behind. Soon after they married he discovered the passion for balls, and decided to get the coaching badges and start a career in the game of football. The rest is history!